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Successful Recruitment

Santa Ana, California, September 25, 2017

Searchtec is pleased to announce the successful recruitment and hiring of national VP Sales at a regional food company.

This executive VP search was led by Al Morelli, Searchtec, special projects. The company have desire to sell beyond regional and to expand to national markets. Therefore, they have the need for national sales leader with a strong food sales background to build out the sales team. Within a few weeks of receiving the request, we had analyzed the market, selected viable candidates, scheduled interviews and selected the best possible. Thereafter, the company determined the right fit for the sales position, made offer and successfully hired. He is currently responsible for running all sales functions including organizational development, and building out the sales management team.

The VP has extensive food and beverage experience leading sales at several food companies .Also, he has proven experience with organizational development, particularly in growth environments.

About Searchtec

Searchtec is a management consulting firm that partners with our client companies to identify and recruit for talent and leaders. All of Searchtec consultants have extensive industry experience and are uniquely positioned to address the recruitment demands of finding the best available candidates. In addition, Searchtec team is also ready to service the needs of our clients by placing our consultants into temporary roles during critical periods. The paid fee for results and access to industry network makes Searchtec a value provider.

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