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Training-Workforce Development Programs


Tommorow start today. Here at Searchtec, we work with companies to custom build training programs to meet their specific objectives.  


Our consultants and along with university faculty associates will work collectively to design a customized training program that outfit your organization's objectives. Each custom program offers industry practices that provide attendees to apply their new learned knowledge back at the workplace.


While the custom training program will be designed to meet the specific requirements of the organization, below are selected samples of specific training for consideration:



Lean Manufacturing - Forward Thinking


Project Management


Team Management-Inspiring and motivating teams


Operations - Manufacturing Planning


Leadership - Principles of Management


Business strategy


Facility Design and Layout


Productivity Management & Improvements


Work Design and Labor Cost Measurement


Work Measurement &Wage Analysis


Performance Measurement &Rating


Operational Auditing and Method Analysis


And Many More Customized Training





For further assistance, contact

our Client Services Team

For further assistance, contact our Client Services team.

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