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Operational Audits

Check One Auditing and Improvements – Part 1 of Many

DEPT: Assembly/Manufacturing

Question Answer either YES or NO

1 Is the work area organized and clean?

2 Are the job tools as needed placed near the work area?

3 Are the material - parts near the work area?

4 Are the trash bins near the work area?

5 Is there a status board (visual factory) for work in process?

6 Is the material movement-handling being done properly?

7 Is a set procedure or work description for each assembly?

8 Is each person’s job specified and available?

9 Is the area well lighted?

10 Is there someone to gather and record the defective parts if any?

11 Is there someone to pull bad components off the line and fix as needed?

12 Is there feedback from the Quality control to correct what might have been wrong?

13 Are there tools and machines-equipment maintained?

14 Is there someone to replenish the parts that are going to be processed?

15 Is there someone to inspect the work area on a routine/regular basis?

16 Is each part of the assembly traceable to each person?

17 Are there calibration controls on the equipment?

18 Are there people with expertise so that individuals might consult them?

19 Is there a daily/weekly/monthly goal set?

20 For all No Answers-here is the opportunity to ask why and to find ways to improve operations.

This check list will be one of many to be given. For further information-visit

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