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Forward Thinking

Forward Thinking is about the “No waste” culture and the philosophy in managing the organization processes. It does not matter regarding any specific company size or type of business. Whether it’s a large-complex corporation or a small group of students with a house painting business. Successful Forward strategies -are about implementing process improvements along with the leadership of those participating in it.

It must be noted that, because the facilities, products and processes are quite diverse, direct comparisons among companies can be misleading. However, over the years we have found that a fairly reliable indicator of a factory’s manufacturing leadership is how much progress it makes year in and year out. Plants that shorten changeover times, manufacturing cycle times, and customer-order lead times, and those that cut scrap rates, improve customer quality, reduce employee injuries, and improve profitability, have a strong culture of continuous improvement that gives them a distinct lead over their competitors. They are able to make progress because they never stop benchmarking against other top performers, “stealing” the best ideas that they can find, wherever they can find them. For further information, call us at

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