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As one of the leading consulting firm, Searchtec Consulting Group specializes in the recruitment for manufacturing professionals.

For Employers

  • Recruitment services for manufacturing professionals

  • Customized talent acquisitions and solutions

  • Practical & cost effective- fee paid based on results

The exceptional quality of our services results from our resilient partnerships that we had developed with our exclusive network. These partnerships enable us to engage with the right professional who can make an immediate contribution.

We strive for excellence by reaching to best qualified and the most available professionals. We protect the confidentiality of our clients- candidates by presenting opportunities only to those who are qualified.

Furthermost, Searchtec recruitment fees are “pay for results” and contingent on success.

We look forward to being of service. To receive a no commitment proposal, please contact us at (714)794-9577 or email us at: Searchtec at Gmail dot com.

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