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P.O. Box 26454

Santa Ana, CA 92799

(714) 957-1577

Searchtec is a consulting group serving the manufacturing industry with a client-focused and results-oriented approach.

Our business services include lean manufacturing improvements and operations management.

We are best known as the efficiency experts and business performance improvement specialists.

We pride ourselves that our consultants combine industry knowledge along with proven consulting experiences thus making Searchtec a unique value service provider. We also focus on both business processes and enabling technologies that are critical to any organization looking to increase profits and reduce costs.

Most important, we offer the industry experiences and value added support that assist our clients through their challenging times

Recruitment Services

Searchtec recruitment services continues to serve our clients with focused searches on a retainer basis. We provide professional search services for all levels ranging from executive management to operations and engineering positions. Specifically, Searchtec specializes in the recruitment of manufacturing professionals.

Our recruiters have both the technical experiences and business know- how to identify and recruit the best quality professionals.

We pride ourselves on our close networking relationships with the manufacturing industry along with our ability to motivate interest from professionals. In addition, our fees are competitively priced and are based contingent on results.

Visit our web site at

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