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Tom Scroggin

Quality Management-ISO Expert


Tom is a quality assurance expert. During the past 20-years in the field of quality management, he has received several Quality-Profession certifications from ASQ (CQT, CQE, CQA and CQM), ASNT Level -III and RAB and IRCA Lead Auditor for Quality Systems. In addition, he has been an ISO, AS and EMS Lead Auditor certified by RAB, IRCA and IATCA.


As auditor, Tom contracts to several registrars as an ISO Lead Auditor, an AEA Aerospace Auditor and an Environmental Auditor.

Since 1997, Tom has made many trips to Mainland China where he negotiated contracts and resolved engineering and quality issues. He spent significant time in working with various factories there and was a speaker at the First US/China Quality Conference in 1998. Tom organized and chaired the China-America Quality Conference in Beijing and now he specializes in doing international quality programs. Tom has studied Chinese culture, history and language at UCLA and speaks basic Mandarin.

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